Zhao Haihong has a master’s degree in 
English and American literature from Zhejiang
 University and a PhD in art history 

from the China Academy of Art. 

    She teaches at Zhejiang Gongshang University.

    She has been publishing science fiction stories 

since 1996.

    She is a six- time winner of the Chinese Science 

Fiction Galaxy Award and her story "Yocasta" has 

won the highest award of the Galaxy(1999).

    Two of her self- translated stories, “Exuviation” 

and “Windhorse,” have been published in English. 

“Exuviation” has also been translated into Korean.

    Since 1999,She has been translating English works

(fiction and nonfiction)into Chinese, including a 

series of Alfred Bester's works: 

     Stars My Destination,

    The Demolished Man 

    and "Fondly Fahrenheit".

    Besides writing, her interest also lies in Art 


     Her open class: Lectures on the History of 

Chinese Landscape Painting has been selected

 as the National Open Class by Chinese Ministry

 of Education in 2014.


Contact Me 与我联系
Email: roxannazhao@icloud.com